Risk Analysis

  • Enables you to find and prioritize the most dangerous vulnerabilities in your system with a vulnerability-focused risk analysis method.
  • With unique risk analysis method, the risk of assets, applications, subnets, business units or locations in the system is calculated independently.
  • With STM Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence (STM CyThreat) integration, new threats in your system are reflected in your risk score immediately.
  • Using attack tree modeling with unique algorithms, it calculates your threat risk score. 



Vulnerability Management

  • The integrated vulnerability scanner runs in a parallel architecture and performs vulnerability scanning very quickly. You can also import the results of your current vulnerability scanner to CyDecSys.
  • With passive scanning capability you can see all the vulnerabilities in your system very quickly and accurately.
  • Integrated workflow management allow you to manage the process from detection to closure of vulnerabilities from one single point.
  • Patch management screen makes you to view the missing patches in your system with a single button if integrated with SCCM.


Asset and Topology Management

  • Automated discovery of network devices and topology at subnet level. It allows you to view useful information such as ARP and routing tables, firewall rules on network devices.
  • A single screen shows all the assets in your system including vulnerabilities, software and services that you can see with open ports and missing patches.

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