Network Topology

Automatically visualizes your network topology including routers, switches and firewalls.
In doing so, it uses specialized methods and open protocol-based methods.

Ag Topolojisi


Smart Vulnerability Scan

Thanks to the integrated vulnerability scanner with parallel scanning architecture, CyDecSys shortens the scanning time significantly. This way, it can scan large networks much faster than traditional vulnerability scanners.
Passive scanning feature makes scans much faster without generating traffic on the network.

CyDecSys shows the important differences between scans. It also provides users unlimited reporting options with customized filters.

Scanning history keeps any machine included in the system to see the vulnerabilities, open port and installed applications any time in the last one year.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis depends on both vulnerability analysis and with a perspective focused on threat points on the network.

With asset-oriented analysis method, the risk on your devices, subnets, business units, locations, and applications are calculated independently.

CyDecSys risk analysis also performs seperate calculations for the three pillars of cyber security; confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

Vulnerability Library

Enriched Vulnerability Library

CyDecSys has a vulnerability database with data collected from many sources. The accuracy of this data is maintained by cyber security experts while eliminating the deficiencies with machine learning algorithms. 

Threat and Protective Measure Simulation

CyDecSys makes attack tree modeling from threat points defined in the network. Thus, you can see which systems can be compromised from threat points and the detailed steps to exploit this vulnerabilities.

Detailed analysis of attack steps is created in the attack tree. CyDecSys suggests preventive measures such as upgrading the software version or firewall configuration required to eliminate vulnerability.

The suggested measures are also simulated in the system to calculate the gain in the total system risk; thus you can make decisions to provide optimal benefit.

Cydecys Threat Simulation

Dynamic Threat Intelligence

The impact of vulnerabilities, exploit code, patch information is changing in a dynamic manner
while CVSS risk scores remain constant in time.

Using vulnerability-specific cyber intelligence service, scores of vulnerabilities in your system are given instantly,
changing the risk score in the system dynamically.

Critical cyber-threat intelligence is taken from STM CyThreat service.

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